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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ramblings Of A Lethean

Now that I am absolutely free with no constructive work on hand(not that I do any) with some prodding from certain quarters(read.. friends) here's my blog.

I'm the kind of a person who doesn't cast one's mind back too much but something made me think of my life till now.From a post-mature(I can visualize the lexicographers go ballistic at this word) baby(yeah 10 days) to a 21 year old about to step into the hallowed portals of a B-School lots has happened(enough for an Ekta Kapoor kind of a serial).I'll write about certain things I cherish.First of all would be the 12yrs of my school life at St.Ann's.With things like "what is your mother tongue?" ans:Pink,the rivalry between different houses even in cases like the mite box,radium sticker collections,the girlie fascination with certain beautiful insects we used to call "velvet boochhi"(blood red in colour and extremely smooth satin feel about them),the zeal to get even in the extra curricular activities,the animosity during the annual day and camaraderie once the annual day was done away with no day was drab or run of the mill......

Next would be the two years at Gautami--most valuable would be the friends I made --Rambo n Dee,the discipline (ahem ahem...)our director 'tried' to inculcate,our physics sir and his 'Jogi jogi rasukunte boodhi' dialogues,his fascination with Julia Roberts,super clowns like 'ore','samastha devatala puthrudu=SSC' made the grind enjoyable.The grind failed to fetch me a seat where I wanted but did get me into a place where I never imagined in my wildest dreams of 2yrs intermediate I would join.Anyway got into a decent college where I would spend 4yrs of my engineering life.

The 1st month at MGIT I was in a zombie like trance 'Main kaun hoon?Kahaan hoon ?' kinds.Slowly things started falling into place and soon reconciled to my destiny.The ragging part built a healthy rapport not just between seniors and juniors but also between the 'quivering' juniors.Then quick as a flash the 1st yr was over.Then with the 2nd yr people started moulting and some of them changed for the good and unfortunately some for the worse."Time and tide wait for no man" Alas!!! 4 years of engineering was over....In the process learnt to handle things on my own,differentiate between the good and the bad,recognise the face behind the facade,friends like Bow Bow and Timer et al.Thinking back MGIT hasnt just given me a Bachelors Degree and a lifetime opportunity in form of XLRI but also a gift I would cherish and adore lifelong which I would have missed out on had I gotten into BITS making me reaffirm my belief in 'whatever happens happens for the good'...

In exactly a month from now I would be leaving the cloistered and pampered life to be on my own in a 'remote' place called Jamshedpur, to make a mark in this wide world.The principles my parents and my teachers have inculcated in me will hopefully stand a good stead.I would like to take this medium of communication as an opportunity to thank all the people who have directly or indirectly made a difference to my life and wish them all the success and joy in the world.


Anonymous Ramya said...

Thats a lovely start! And 'm privileged to b d 1st 2 read it!!![:)]
- ur rambo

4:34 pm  
Anonymous Ramya said...

I didnt know u were "post-mature" medha...suits u delicate Darlng!
U know wht medha... I wish u were in BITS with me! Missed u loooooooads.
All the very Best 4 ur future. Hope all ue wishes come true[:)]

4:35 pm  
Anonymous kasatta said...

i read! :D

12:19 pm  
Blogger Shriedhar said...

He he!
I found it @ last :)

welcome 2 blogin world!

will read nw n comment :)

2:51 pm  
Blogger Shriedhar said...

My god medha, incredible.
u write damn gud.

It was a nice read up.

It cleared one of my biggest doubts . (tht u missed BITS n got into MGIT by accident. :) )

Luv to see ur way of puttin the things in the comin days.

//Time and tide wait for no man"

for woman ?? ;)

3:02 pm  
Blogger Naresh said...

Welcome on Board!

Gosh! You have a way with words... Awesome skill with the pen(an irony here though), smooth as silk words aptly placed. Well written! Hope 2 c u more often here!

3:20 pm  
Blogger Thecky said...

You've started blogging pretty late,
But start you did with a post very great,
A nice aura round yourself, you did create
Hope you'll remember this erstwhile classmate....

He he.. Now a days, I'm into poetry.
Good one, that. But I got a feeling you hurried yourself into creating a blog without letting the feelings/thoughts crystallize completely.(Pardon this blasphemy, had to don the role of a critic after seeing so many accolades above.)
May you excel at XL. All the Best, ma'am.

11:58 pm  
Anonymous Siddharth said...

A wonderful work ......
hope to see more from u..
good luck...
-ur loving bro

4:43 am  
Blogger shruti rathnagiriswaran said...

hey medha, thats lovely....
the values that uve nurtured wd
definately take u miles away . My best wishes to you. May all ur dreams come true,

Urs Lovingly

8:58 am  
Anonymous Esha said...

its very interesting watz next??

4:08 pm  
Blogger swapna said... into blogin world....i really enjoyed readin your write up...wen will u post the next one medha???

3:44 am  
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