A nut on its way to B-Skool

Location: Hyderabad--->Jamshedpur, India

Friday, October 20, 2006

The nut returns--account of my B-skool life

All enthu about joining one the best schools in India,the nut came to XLRI with stars shining in her eyes,now all that shines is the light in her room till 4:30-5:00 am. Switches it on again at 8:35 am "damn!!! the alarm, damn!! my 9 am class",a groan escapes from the nut....who once upon a time,long long ago,used to find it weird when people said a 9 am class was at an unearthly hour.So in a mad rush- brush,take a bath,run to class with wettt hair flying all over the place like medusa....A sigh of relief,made it just in time.95% of the class hasnt brushed forget a bath!! The prof comes,starts his lecture..5min later the nut is prodded awake by her neighbor who hisses "wake up!! sleepyhead".So,with intermittent dozing away interspersed with bouts of consciousness and a rare CP (class participation) thrown in between the hour and half torturous lecture comes to an end.Run back to room,catch a few winks again to go back to class for another round of sound sleep.

Now,lets say its an eco class.Mam drones on in a flat monotone,succeeding to put 99% of the class to sleep including urs truly who was asleep already :D,except for couple of ACP's (arbit class participants),DCP's(desparate class participants). With heads lolling, heads on the desk,eyes shut,the class sleeps. Then the last 10min, Mam announces in a slightly loud voice "since I have the option of 3 surprise tests,today we will have one",that one statement jolts the whole class awake including the nut.."shit!!!!!!!!,damn!!!!!!!!!!,what the hell!!!!!!!!"escapes from the students. Mam writes a Q on the board which punches every one below the belt "unfair unfair.." goes the silent cry. Anyway after much brain racking the nut comes up with a funda of her own which she is convinced is the greatest brainwave of the century ...only to be told by Mam later through her evaluation that it is absolute crap....The nut convinces herself that "the world will see 50 years later what the Aquarian (incidentally shes an aquarian) can see now".

After the test, lunch time!! how the nut used to look forward to it previously,now doesnt want to hear the word 'lunch' but kya karein,have to eat to live,heck people turn into cannibals to survive,now shez turned into a grass grazing human,who has to eat salads more than the rest of the food coz its tooo bland,even the pickle aint spicy,the rotis would win prizes in hardest stuff contests.Back to room,checking the intranet,to discover to her shock an assignment waiting for her with deadline coupla days later.. Life is unfair!!!!! Back to classes again...with a break thrown in between where decent food (read oily,unhealthy) can be gobbled before sprinting to next class. On and on it goes...An extremely busy day would mean 5 classes each of one and half hr duration from 9am-9:15 pm with assignments ,projects and tests thrown in between.Extremely relaxed day would mean 2 classes with assignments and projects.

Labour laws are strict in their rule regarding mandatory off day. Alas!!! though the very subject of law is taught here,there is no sign of implemetation....no holiday on Sunday also :,,,,,,,,,,,(.
She finds all subjects going wayyy above her head...

To be continued..gotta go for a ppt..