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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bitten by the "writing itch" ...

Back to blogging after a hiatus of 2 months ..at 12:45 am just coz the nut is bored to death by eco which was never a favourite and rest assured will never be..the detest of the "pink papers" continues even when the nut should be reading them regularly to gain "knowledge".

Picking up the threads from post no.3....viz account of term 2..

Fresh from molly-coddling,delicious food,fitful sleep..the tearful trudge to Jamshedpur begins with fervent hope of an academically better term...The term began with certain subjects that scared the living daylights out of the nut.Never,did she like maths,numbers and a number heavy term loomed dangerously.Also was the communication subject by a certain prof who was reputed to be "the demolition man" during admission interviews.This particular subject required the gentlemen to dress in formals..suit boot et al and the ladies in saris..yours truly had worn a sari on a handful of occasions that too with loads of help coz she is incompetent in wearing a sari perfectly which she insists on..either perfect or chuck the sari is the what her harassed mom is threatened with ,whenever her mom asks the nut to wear a sari and look "ladylike" for a change.
Now she has to wear a sari all on her own to every class!!!! waaaah waaah waaaah......
A beautiful academic start boosted her hopes which were brought crashing down with abysmal performances that followed..so the omens indicated another bad term...
A completely 'frax'(XL lingo for Free Riding) subject was probably the only saving grace apart from business law which turned out to be the only subject the nut was interested in...A new wonder was created coz not once did the nut fall asleep in the law classes!!!!!

The communication classes tested the students' presentation skills,interview handling capability,clothing style and what not!!! all for the summer placements. With hastily donned 6-yard drapes,wet hair,swollen eyes,a stifled yawn and a name tag, madam fell asleep even in these "active" classes ..With summer placement season fast approaching,all students got busy with resume writing,honing their term 1 knowledge, general knowledge et al..the chillmax nut put all these essential things off to the fag end.When alarm bells started ringing,only then reluctantly resume writing began.Horror of horrors, she doesnt know how to write a proper resume that would catch the recruiter's eye and earn a shortlist.A pathetic CV written in engineering when CV's dint matter at all was excavated from the Yahoo! portals.A look at it was enough to cause someone to retch forget shortlist.Serious activities needed to be pursued.Everyone around was either with work-experience or from a pseud college('pedigree matters'-this one thing I'v learnt) or a combo of both.CVs looked meaty,juicy enough to warrant all short lists. A certain girl with gold medals in every academic stage+work ex,pedigree individuals with good stuff under their belt,people like the nut from a ' nationally unknown' college with topper tags, a melange of people existed.When she started doing some damage control i.e 'fleshing up' her resume she realised she dint have anything 'jhakas' to pep it up with..the college level stuff is peanuts,every eena,meena,deeka in a B-skool has it and doesnt put it up coz it aint substantial(except to fill up a 'skeleton like' resume).Tough task eh?CV mentoring dint help,even the mentors(assigned/unassigned) couldnt do much. The prayers began (reminds me of a certain Kabir quote which said man always remembers God during times of crisis).

A decent number of shortlists not very substantial though,followed.The best of the lot was a certain consulting firm.10 students shortlisted for 1 internship.Pinning all hopes on that certain firm..the nut walks into the interview to come face to face with a person who seemed to be more interested in the sari she was wearing(a beautiful sari at that ) and playing the Don Juan. A formality it turned out to be.The company had already selected the 2nd person they interviewed and for formality sake played the fool with the remaining 7.A certain someone had to walk through unexplored thickets in a place 1000 km away to cheer up the 'down the dumps' girl who was disgusted with the sham.She had an interview at 1:30 am and just coz she dint ask the company reps a question she was chucked..else it would have been a dream summers for more reasons than one.Just coz she was sick and tired of the whole process she 'tanked' an interview of a company she never intended to join by giving ridiculous, pea-brained answers. Then she tried tanking another interview but was unsuccessful .Finally placed!! Came to terms with the company which she was disinclined to even apply for initially but good pay and a seemingly interesting profile smoothened matters.

The brightest point in the term turned out to be a rendezvous ,which never before in her 21 yrs would she have even contemplated......My,my someone became courageous enough to attempt even such a thing....The returns were more than worth the risk...Then came the dreadful end-terms after which another round of molly coddling,love,sleep and delicious food beckoned....